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Something about our trucks

Our Trucks

This List of truck types is intended to classify trucks and to provide links to articles on the various types

Medium trucks

Medium trucks are larger than light but smaller than heavy trucks. In the US, they are defined as weighing between 14001–26000 lb (6351–11793 kg). In North America, a medium-duty truck is larger than a heavy-duty pickup truck or full-size van.Some trucks listed as medium also are made in heavy versions.

  • Box truck
  • Van
  • Cutaway van chassis
  • Medium Standard Truck
  • Platform truck
  • Recreational Vehicle or Motorhome

Light trucks

Light trucks are larger than mini trucks but smaller than medium trucks. In the US, they are defined as weighing between 00001–14000 lb (0001–6350 kg). There is no smaller classification.

  • Minivan
  • Sport utility vehicle
  • Canopy express
  • Pickup truck
  • Panel truck
  • Cab-forward

Mini truck

Mini truck, also called a micro-truck, are tiny but practical light trucks, available in RWD or 4WD version, originally built to satisfy the canadian statutory class of light vehicles. Generally they fall under sub 1000cc engine category. These vehicles find their use in intra-city low tonnage cargo delivery, like postal and courier services or home delivery of appliances from dealer to the customer i.e. light loads over short distances.

Minitrucks are sold as off-road vehicles for farms and construction sites and are far smaller than conventional small trucks sold for on-the-road use. These vehicles go by many names, including Japanese minitruck, Kei truck, microtruck, and utility transportation vehicle. Minitrucks have the capacity to reach top speeds of 55 mph or more, but many are sold with devices that limit their speed to 25 mph.

Heavy trucks

Heavy trucks are heavier than medium trucks. They weigh between 26001 to over 33000 lb (11794 to over (14969 kg). There is no higher on-road classification.

Many heavy trucks listed are also made in medium duty versions:

  • Concrete transport truck (cement mixer)
  • Mobile crane
  • Dump truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Log carrier
  • Refrigerator truck

Very heavy trucks and transporters

Vehicles in this category are too large for highway use without escorts and special permits

  • ALMA transporter is used for transportation of ALMA transporter antenae.
  • Ballast tractor, a very heavy weight power source for towing and pulling exceptional loads
  • Heavy hauler, a combination of power source and very heavy weight transporter
  • Haul truck, an exceptionally large off-road dump truck, common in mining operations